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A group of 8th graders who confront the meaningless of life and leave behind the innocence of childhood.
Pierre Anthon and his classmates have just started 9th grade, when Pierre Anthon declares that life has no meaning, leaves school and moves up in a tree, refusing to come down. This sparks an existential crisis amongst his classmates. They decide to gather their most valuable belongings in a “heap of meaning” that will convince Pierre Anthon that he is wrong. A dangerous, disturbing, and controversial study of what really matters has begun. What started out with innocent offerings to the heap soon turns into a spiral of psychological violence: the more painful the sacrifice is, the more it means and the more is asked of the next in line. Nothing is a raw and unpolished tale about a group of young people, who confronted with the meaninglessness of life, embark on a journey away from the safety and innocence of childhood. The film is based on Janne Teller’s bestselling novel by the same name. It has been published in more than 30 territories and has sold over 1.5 million copies worldwide. The book has been adapted into more than 150 different theater productions worldwide and now also into a feature film.

Trine Piil Christensen, Seamus McNally

Vyhlášení výsledků 2023

Written by
Trine Piil Christensen, Janne Teller
Edited by
Allan Funch, Morten Giese
Bo Bilstrup
Sound by
Hans Møller
Music by
Johan Carøe
Vivelill Søgaard Holm, Maya Louise Skipper Gonzales, Harald Kaiser Hermann, Sigurd Philip Dalgas, Ellen Fensbo
Original title
English title
Denmark, Germany
Running time
87 min
Age rating
Release date
01. 6. 2023
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