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The Emigrants
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The Emigrants is the story of Kristina Nilsson, a mother who leaves a poverty- stricken Sweden with her family in the 1850s and sets out on a long, dangerous journey, hoping to find a better life for herself, her husband and her children in America.
During the mid-19th century, millions of Scandinavians left hunger and distress in the hope of a better life in America. In this monumental tale, we follow Kristina, Karl-Oskar and their young children who leave a poverty-stricken Sweden in the 1850s and set out on a long, dangerous journey across the Atlantic and into wild North America. Starring Lisa Carlehed (The Tunnel) and Gustav Skarsgård (Vikings), this stylish new adaptation of The Emigrants from internationally acclaimed Norwegian director Erik Poppe (Utoya - July 22, The King's Choice) is an epic period drama, based on the book by well-known author Vilhelm Moberg. With an ensemble cast featuring Swedish pop sensation Tove Lo, Sofia Helin and Lena Strömdahl, The Emigrants stands out as a poignant yet timeless story about who we are, where we belong, and how far we are willing to go to save our children and achieve our dreams.

Erik Poppe

Erik Poppe is one of Norway’s most acknowledged and commercially successful directors, known for his in-depth work with actors and for his consistently strong visual solutions. Erik started his career as a news photographer for Reuter’s and Verdens gang, where he covered both national news and international conflicts. A few years after his graduation from Dramatiska Institutet as film photographer – Erik made his debut as director with the film Schpaa (1998) which became internationally recognized and, for instance, was shown at the Berlin International Film Festival. Tusen gånger Godnatt (2013) was his first English spoken film, in which Juliette Binoche and Nikolaj Coster Waldau played the leading roles. The film was partially based on Erik´s career as a photographer. The historical drama Kungens Val (2016) was shortlisted as one out of eight movies with an opportunity to be nominated for an Oscar in 2017. All of Erik Poppe´s movies have been nominated for Amanda Awards in Norway. He is the only director ever who has been awarded with the Norwegian Film Critics´ Prize four times. Watch U: July 22 on Edisonline.

Directed by
Erik Poppe
Written by
Anna Bache-Wiig, Vilhelm Moberg, Siv Rajendram Eliassen
Edited by
Einar Egeland
John Christian Rosenlund
Sound by
Robert Leib
Music by
Johan Söderqvist
Gustaf Skarsgård, Sofia Helin, Tove Lo, Laurence Kinlan, Lisa Carlehed, Christian Kinell, Ola Normelli, Stefan Cronwall, Goran Aliskanovic
Original title
English title
The Emigrants
Sweden, Norway, Denmark, New Zealand
Running time
148 min
Drama, Historically, Romantic
Age rating
Release date
09. 2. 2023
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Media reception

The Guardian
★★★★ "Powerfully told story”
"Sensitive and stimulating"
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